Libertarians Secure Choice for New York Voters!


Libertarian Party of New York Chairman, Jim Rosenbeck announced today that despite two general objections filed by members of the Republican Party to limit voter choice, the time to document those specious objections against Libertarian candidate for Governor Larry Sharpe has expired.

Mr. Rosenbeck added “Now New York voters will have a true choice for Governor in November. That choice is Libertarian candidate Larry Sharpe!”

Instead of trying to limit the voters’ choices, Larry Sharpe continues to campaign across New York with a plan to decentralize Albany politics and bring fundamental change to the corruption-plagued, over-regulated and highly taxed citizens of New York.

The Sharpe campaign recognizes that voters also deserve to hear a debate where all gubernatorial candidates have an opportunity to share their vision for a better New York. Mr. Sharpe calls on Andrew Cuomo and other parties’ nominees to publicly stand on their records and debate all of the candidates who will be on the ballot this November 6.

“Our vision is for individuals, families and local communities to have greater control over how their money is spent,” Rosenbeck added. “That message may sound revolutionary to the two parties who share responsibility for creating an Albany bureaucracy where they divvy up the loot and award political favors. But we believe our message resonates with every-day people from Montauk to Jamestown.”

“I was sure I would be on the ballot in November, there was never any doubt,” said Sharpe. “The Libertarian Party has jumped through the unreasonable hoops the establishment has burdened third parties with for decades. Congratulations to our amazing team for shouldering that burden yet again. I hope to repay them by breaking the establishment death-grip on the real freedom of choice all New Yorkers deserve.”

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