Executive Committee

The Executive Committee was elected on September 26, 2020 and took office at the adjournment of the Organization Meeting on September 27, 2020.

Chair Cody Anderson canderson@lpny.org
1st Vice-Chair
Tony D ‘Orazio tdorazio@lpny.org
2nd Vice Chair Duane Whitmer djwtax@yahoo.com
Secretary Andrew Martin Kolstee akolstee@lpny.org
Treasurer Lora Newell lnewell@lpny.org
Member-At-Large Rob Arrigo rarrigo@lpny.org
Maria Borell
Pietro Geraci ocnylp@gmail.com
Member-At-Large Paul Grindle pgrindle@lpny.org
Member-At-Large Rich Purtell rpurtell@lpny.org

State Committee

Judicial District 1
Mark Axinn
Michael Madrid
Ilya Schwartzburg ischwartzburg@lpny.org

Judicial District 2
Tucker Coburn tcoburn@lpny.org
Gilbert Mildonnet
Matthew Morgan
Gary Popkin gpopkin@lpny.org

Judicial District 3
Cody Anderson canderson@lpny.org
Jay Carr jcarr@ulsterlp.org
Todd Haggerty gilhags@hotmail.com
Lora Newell lnewell@lpny.org

Judicial District 4
Rob Arrigo rarrigo@lpny.org
Fred Cole fcole1017@gmail.com
Nathan Dunn n8dunn@gmail.com
John Janes
Brandon Lyon lyonbra@gmail.com
Karyn Thompson

Judicial District 5
Maria Borell
Millie Dordal mdforliberty@gmail.com
Shawn Hannon shannon@lpny.org
Craig Miles
Sean Stevens

Judicial District 6
Mark Braiman mbraiman@lpny.org
Timothy O’Connor
Christopher Olenski
Rich Purtell rpurtell@lpny.org
Tom Quiter tquiter@lpny.org
Dustin Tait

Judicial District 7
Steve Becker drsbecker@aol.com
Kari Bittner kbittner@lpny.org
Eric Cooper
Tony D ‘Orazio tdorazio@lpny.org
Jim Dayton jdayton@lpny.org
Mark Glogowski mglogowski08@gmail.com
Andrew Hollister contact@andrewhollister.com
Sean Phelan
Jim Russell
Kevin Wilson kevinwilson12@gmail.com

Judicial District 8
Erin Becker
Andrew Martin Kolstee akolstee@lpny.org
Peyton Kunselman pkunselman@lpny.org
Kathleen Ligammari
Patrick Mahoney
Nick Phelps
Tara Scrivano
Duane Whitmer djwtax@yahoo.com

Judicial District 9
Daniel Donnelly ddonnelly@lpny.org
Pietro Geraci ocnylp@gmail.com
Robert Greibesland
Anthony Pellegrino
William Schmidt

Judicial District 10
Deepak Bansal
Gary Donoyan gdonoyan@verizon.net
Kenneth Epstein
Carmen Horan
Bobby Kalotee
Satinder Kaur
Mahavir Singh

Judicial District 11
Michael Arcati ma2465@stern.nyu.edu
Gabrielle Cordova
Irwin Mark Weinblatt

Judicial District 12
Aaron Commey
Enmanuel Torres etorres2217@gmail.com

Judicial District 13
Richard Bell rbell@lpny.org
Susan Overeem-Cummings

County Organization Chairs

The following are chairs of recognized county affiliates, known as County Organizations.

Albany County Chair Todd Haggerty gilhags@hotmail.com
Bronx County Chair
Enmanuel Torres etorres2217@gmail.com
Broome County Chair
Jennifer Kolesar jkolesar@lpny.org
Cattaraugus County Chair
Peyton Kunselman pkunselman@lpny.org
Chautauqua County Chair
Andrew Kolstee akolstee@lpny.org
Chemung County
Paul Sechrist psechrist@lpny.org
Chenango County Chair
Tom Quiter tquiter@lpny.org
Columbia County Chair
Cody Anderson canderson@lpny.org
Erie County Chair Duane Whitmer djwtax@yahoo.com
Fulton County Chair
Brandon Lyon lyonbra@gmail.com
Genesee County Chair
Mark Potwora markwora@gmail.com
Kings County (Brooklyn) Chair
Matthew Morgan
Madison County Chair David Penner
Monroe County Chair Steve Becker drsbecker@aol.com
Nassau County Chair
Blay Tarnoff lpny@eblay.com
New York County (Manhattan) Chair Ilya Schwartzburg ischwartzburg@lpny.org
Niagara County Chair
Nick Phelps
Onondaga County Chair
Shawn Hannon hannon.shawn@gmail.com
Ontario County Chair
Kari Bittner kbittner@rochester.rr.com
Orange County Chair Pietro Geraci ocnylp@gmail.com
Orleans County Chair
Chase Tkach chasetkach@gmail.com
Otsego County Chair
Dylan Harris
Queens County Chair
Michael Arcati ma2465@stern.nyu.edu
Richmond County (Staten Island) Chair
Joe Portelle
Rensselaer County Chair
Phil Vecchio phil.vecchio@hotmail.com
Saratoga County Chair Rob Arrigo rarrigo@lpny.org
Schoharie County Chair
Lora Newell lnewell@lpny.org
Suffolk County Chair
Mike McDermott msmwizard@aol.com
Tioga County Chair
 Melvin Foster candorite@gmail.com
Wayne County Chair Jim Dayton jdayton@lpny.org
Westchester County Chair
Dan Singer
Ulster County Chair
Jay Carr jcarr@ulsterlp.org

County Contacts

County Contacts are those officials designated to act as the point person for forming an interim county organization.
Cayuga County Justin Burchard cableguy84@gmail.com
Cortland County Matthew McIntyre matthew.k.mcintyre@gmail.com
Clinton County Zachary Remian remianzachary@gmail.com
Delaware County
 Nathan Tweedie
Dutchess County
Steve Rifenburg smrifenburg@gmail.com
Franklin County
Mandy Atkinson atkinsonmandy08@gmail.com
Greene County Carol L.Carr manycarrs@yahoo.com
Oneida County
Craig Miles craig.miles@larrysharpe.com
Putnam County
Jeff Chang jrey1976@yahoo.com
Schenectady County
Fred Cole fcole1017@gmail.com
St. Lawrence County 
Mark Deon deonml195@potsdam.edu
Steuben County Peter Olausson polausson@lpny.org
Sullivan County
Robert Norbury allcrash@gmail.com
Warren County Nathan Dunn n8dunn@gmail.com
Washington County
 Dave Boddery daveboddery1972@gmail.com
Wyoming County Jim Wanke Jwanke@rochester.rr.com

If you wish to be appointed as a county contact, please contact Mark Potwora (markwora@gmail.com), Chair of the Local Affiliate Development Committee.

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