If we want the Libertarian Party to be taken more seriously, then we have to let people know how numerous we are. A great way to do that is register to vote as a Libertarian. If you are already registered, then re-register. It’s time for us to be counted. It’s time for us to re-register Libertarian. #Reregister

Visit the New York State Board of Election’s website by clicking here to learn how to register and/or change your registration. Click here to go directly to the form.

You can also print out a registration form (click here) and mail it to your Board of Elections. To enroll Libertarian, check the “Libertarian Party” line of the political party section of the form.


After you have notified the Board of Elections that you want your party to be coded as Libertarian, it is important to be sure that it is coded properly, or you may be prevented from things like voting in Libertarian primaries, signing petitions for your favorite Libertarian candidates, or participating on your local, county or state Libertarian Party. We receive frequent notices that voters have been coded incorrectly, sometimes even after they’ve confirmed they were coded correctly. We recommend the following steps to be sure you aren’t disenfranchised as a voter a party member, or a candidate:

  1. Whenever you get your voter registration card in the mail from your county Board of Elections, check the party to be sure it is accurate. If it says ANYTHING other than “Libertarian” or “LBT”, you are not coded correctly. Call them to correct it and send you an updated form. (Common errors include: “Other: Libertarian”, Blank, “No Party”, “Other”, “LBN”, “LIB”, or your former party. None of these is the standard coding for Libertarian in New York State.)
  2. Check your party registration with the New York State BoE anytime by clicking here.
  3. Call, email, or visit your county Board of Elections and ask them to confirm your party in writing in December each year so you don’t miss any election cycle activities the following year. (Contact info is here.)


Having your political party coded correctly is very important in New York State. It affects how you are allowed to participate in various aspects of the election and party processes. If your voter registration form doesn’t have Libertarian as a party choice, if your party is coded incorrectly with your county or NYS Board of Elections, if you’ve been prevented from participating with Libertarian Party or candidate activities, if your party showed up incorrectly on the registration pad when you voted, if you notice any discrepancy or error related to your Libertarian Party enrollment, we want to hear about it. This happens often enough that it’s important that we log the impact to voters across NYS.

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