Labor Day Message from the Chair

Dear Friends and Members of the LPNY,

Happy Labor Day weekend!

This long weekend traditionally marks the unofficial end of summer and the return to our regular work and school routines. Many of us will be camping, barbecuing, or traveling this weekend. Regardless of where your plans take you, may you enjoy the time with family and friends and return refreshed and renewed as we continue our labor to create greater liberty in our lifetimes.

Plank 2.11 of the Libertarian platform articulates the libertarian position on labor markets. Here it is:

“Employment and compensation agreements between private employers and employees are outside the scope of government, and these contracts should not be encumbered by government-mandated benefits or social engineering. We support the right of private employers and employees to choose whether or not to bargain with each other through a labor union. Bargaining should be free of government interference, such as compulsory arbitration or imposing an obligation to bargain.”

I remain proud to labor along side all of you toward this ideal.

May your weekend relax, renew, and recharge.

In Labor for Liberty,

Jim Rosenbeck
LPNY Chairman

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