Election Day is November 5, 2019    |    Vote Libertarian–we support your rights!

Please see our Local Chapters and Officers pages for contact information if you would like to volunteer to help our candidates.

Your vote for our candidates is appreciated!

Please note that you can enroll with the Board of Elections as a Libertarian, since we obtained recognized party status in 2018.

2019 LP Candidates

The following candidates have been endorsed by the LPNY or its chapters.

Onondaga County

  • Onondaga County Executive – Ryan McMahon
  • Onondaga County Comptroller – Matt Beadnell
  • District Attorney – Chuck Keller
  • County Legislator District 7 – Courtney Hills
  • County Legislator District 8 – Will Martin
  • County Legislator District 11 – John McBride
  • City Councilor At-Large – Jason Zeigler
  • Cicero Town Councilor – Mike Becallo
  • Salina Town Councilor – Nicholas Paro

Tioga County

Useful links:

The FEC has a lovely 110-page document for candidates considering running for congress, or managing a campaign (right-click to download).

Contact 866-336-3120 to let us know if you want to run or help out.