Repo That Abandoned Property

What if we expected political parties to say what they mean and mean what they say? What if we expected liberals to be liberal and when they failed, we repossessed that terminology?

Classical Liberalism is the political ideology that advocates civil liberties and political freedom under the rule of law. It is an ideology that emphasizes economic freedom.

Republicans have been rallying against the word “liberal” ever since Democrats co-opted and took up residence in that classic terminology generations ago. Republicans continue to bash the term “liberal“ all the while historically pretending to defend the values of the true classic liberals­—the Libertarians.

It’s a bit puzzling to try to understand how one party adopts a term that they don’t believe in, while another party tries to distance itself from an ideology that it purports to defend. We have arrived at a point where both the red and blue teams are ideologically bankrupt. An intervention is in order and this is what I have in mind: We Libertarians—the classic liberals—repossess that abandoned property. We foreclose on the term “liberal” now.

The Democrats never appreciated it and neglected its upkeep. They partied with it like frat boys and then left it in a state of disrepair. The Republicans only saw the rubble left behind by the Democratic Party occupation. They failed to recognize the potential to rehab that stately mansion. They have no appreciation of classic liberalism.

After decades of neglect it is up to the libertarians to repo, rehab, and refurbish liberalism—and to own it proudly.

The Republicans and the Democrats will need a new name for the two-family home they currently share. That name could be progressivism, But in actuality, they deserve a name that clearly states their opposition to classic liberalism. We might best identify them as the “illiberals.”

“Illiberals” are intolerant, authoritarian and opposed to liberal principles. They favor restricting thoughts, consensual behavior and free market economic activity. The fruits of the individual’s labor are subject to appropriation in the illiberal domain. Both parties seem very comfortable here. It’s a nice retirement home for them.

May you rest in peace together, Democrats and Republicans . You are truly soul mates who deserve to fade away together.

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