Libertarian Party of New York Denounces Proposed New York State Vaccine Mandates


Albany, New York, December 11, 2020: Assemblyperson Linda Rosenthal (AD-67), recently proposed bill A11179, currently in committee, which would mandate delivery of the COVID-19 vaccine to New York state residents.

As written, the bill states, “if public health officials determine that residents of the state are not developing sufficient immunity from COVID-19, the department shall mandate vaccination for all individuals or groups of individuals who, as shown by clinical data, are proven to be safe to receive such vaccine.” The only exception allowed would be for a medical restriction, verified by a licensed healthcare professional.

The Libertarian Party of New York stands opposed to these mandates.  Cody Anderson, chair of the Libertarian Party of New York, called on all New York State assemblypeople and senators to reject bill A11179.

“We consider this to be a violation of the Fourth Amendment rights of New Yorkers,” Anderson stated. “On its surface, these bills would be an infringement on one’s personal choice and security, subjugating individuals’ informed consent and replacing it with ill-informed, one-size-fits-all mandates from government officials..  Furthermore, the continued lack of religious exemption or consideration in this and other vaccine-related legislation coming from Albany is a blatant, prejudiced and reprehensible infringement of First Amendment protections.”

“We demand that legislative leaders be principled when they claim “My body, my choice” – they must not pick and choose.”

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Anthony D’Orazio
1st Vice Chair
Libertarian Party of New York

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