Giving Tuesday: A Message from the LPNY Chair

In the days after Thanksgiving, we are THANKFUL for the 20,000+ enrolled Libertarians statewide who have made us the fastest growing political party in New York. We are also thankful for the hundreds of volunteers who contribute their time, money and talent to the candidates and causes supporting Liberty across the state.

On this Giving Tuesday, please stop to consider how the ruinous, overreaching policies of Governor Cuomo have affected the lives and livelihoods of our fellow citizens over the past ten months, and how the government has decreed itself the evil arbiter of how we may gather and who fails or succeeds. Please exercise direct voluntaryism in your communities, by patronizing small businesses or helping neighbors in need.

I would also ask you to consider a donation to the Libertarian Party of New York, to help us continue fighting for Liberty, and against the unconstitutional laws and executive orders that continue to pour out of the cesspool of Albany. Our voice must continue to be heard, and we must continue to speak for those who have been oppressed by the overwhelming force and size of the state.

Click here to give to the LPNY.

Thank you in advance for donating as generously as you are able.

In Liberty,

W. Cody Anderson
Chair, Libertarian Party of New York

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