Libertarian Party of New York Moves Convention Online; Denounces Cuomo’s Ever-Changing “COVID Guidance”


Libertarian Party of New York Moves Convention Online; Denounces Cuomo’s Ever-Changing “COVID Guidance”

Albany, New York, September 3, 2020 – Due to yet another Executive Order from Andrew Cuomo and “changing COVID guidance” forced upon the state’s hospitality industry, the Libertarian Party of New York (LPNY) has been forced to move its Organization Meeting and Convention, originally to be held on September 26 and 27 in New Rochelle, New York, to a virtual format. The venue hosting the Libertarian Party of New York’s Convention and Organization Meeting informed the Convention Oversight Committee this morning that the venue cannot host more than fifty people in their meeting room, leaving the LPNY with no choice but to move the convention proceedings online.
Cuomo’s most recent dictatorial decree came about as a direct result of a stunning loss handed to his Administration earlier this month in Federal court. Judge Glenn Suddaby, in the Northern District, ruled in favor of two couples who booked weddings at Arrowhead Golf Club, in Akron, rejecting New York’s limit of 50 people at wedding receptions in restaurants during the coronavirus shutdown. The lawsuit was initiated by Lucas James, co-owner of the golf course.

In response, and in keeping with his vindictive nature, Governor Cuomo removed the judge’s legal objections and tightened the rules even further, ending differentiation between indoor and outdoor events and limiting all “social gatherings” statewide to fifty people. Furthering the cycle of the New York’s economic and social hardship, hotels and event venues were forced under pain of license forfeiture to cancel their contracts with guests. These businesses have already suffered irreparable damage under the force of a tyrannical government at a time when an already hard-hit hospitality industry can afford it the least.

LPNY Chair Anthony D’Orazio stated, “The Libertarian Party of New York denounces Governor Cuomo’s continued interference in people’s rights to travel, peacefully assemble, and exercise personal responsibility. His continued vice-tightening on the state’s businesses must end immediately. We once again call upon both chambers of the State Legislature to immediately revoke the limitless Executive Powers they granted Emperor Cuomo nearly six months ago.”

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