Important Announcement Regarding 2020 Libertarian Party of New York State Convention and Organization Meeting

Important Announcement Regarding 2020 Libertarian Party of New York State Convention and Organization Meeting

Due to another Executive Order from Andrew Cuomo and “changing COVID guidance” imposed upon the hospitality industry, the venue hosting the Libertarian Party of New York’s State Committee Convention and Organization Meeting has informed the Convention Oversight Committee that the venue cannot host more than 50 people in their meeting room.
As much as we would like to fight this in court, the timing, uncertainty, and expense of litigation against a tyrannical and overreaching government with unlimited resources makes a court battle impractical. Our collective respect for private property rights prevents us from “just showing up” and holding a meeting in a manner contrary to the venue’s wishes and causing them harm vis-à-vis government force. Therefore, we have made the difficult, but necessary, decision to pivot to a virtual convention format.

Zoom will be used by elected committee members, as well as those candidates seeking to fill vacancies and Executive Committee positions.

The LNC’s parliamentary platform, Porcupine, will be used for voting and making parliamentary motions.

All convention proceedings will be livestreamed online to the public.

We will be testing the system extensively over the coming weeks to ensure a smooth execution. We are disappointed with this outcome, but the Convention Oversight Committee is focused on conducting the Organization Meeting within the statutory window while minimizing uncertainty. We believe this is the best path forward and accept all responsibility for this decision.

As there is no longer a venue to compensate, there will be no fees for participation in this fully virtual convention. Voluntary donations to the LPNY are requested and welcome, as there will still be costs associated with hosting the Porcupine application and upgrading the LPNY Zoom plan to accommodate the format we will need to use.

People who have already paid convention fees will be contacted individually regarding the issuance of refunds and the possibility of donating a portion of their fees back to the LPNY. If you have made a hotel reservation, please contact the hotel directly at 914-576-3700 ext. 237 to cancel.

On convention weekend, we wholeheartedly encourage State Committee members who live in proximity to each other to gather at an appropriate location with adequate Internet and space to enjoy the camaraderie of your fellow committee members.

Thanks in advance for your understanding and assistance in making this convention a success. Please contact either one of us directly if you have any questions or concerns.


Jeff Motta
Chair, Convention Oversight Committee

Tony D’Orazio
Chair, Libertarian Party of New York

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