LPNY BALLOT ACCESS WIN – Judge strikes down law creating NYS “Public Finance” Commission!

Today, voters in New York were handed a huge victory in the fight for ballot access!
The New York Supreme Court on Thursday tossed out the law creating a commission that recommended the creation of a system of publicly financed campaigns, and with it the provisions making it harder for minor parties to get on the ballot.
Justice Ralph Boniello wrote in the ruling the measure creating the panel is “an improper and unconstitutional delegation of legislative authority.”
We agree! Minor political parties in New York State, including the Libertarian Party, the Working Families Party, and the Green Party, would have needed to qualify for ballot access twice as often, with three times as many votes as previously required!
New York voters whose beliefs and priorities do not align with the two major parties would have been irreversibly disenfranchised. And $100 million of taxpayer money would have been handed to the Republican and the Democratic politicians. This is a huge victory for voter choice, government oversight, and the LPNY!
Make no mistake, King Andrew will appeal this decision. So we need to be ready to fight for our survival, yet again. We need your support more than ever!
Please make a donation to the LPNY‘s ongoing efforts to fight for ballot access and increase enrollment across the state. Or, consider making a monthly pledge to become a Supporter of Liberty, and have your name proudly displayed on the Pledge Honor Roll on the LPNY website!
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