Half of New York’s Counties Have a Local Libertarian Organization!

The Libertarian Party of New York has been experiencing unprecedented growth over the past year.
Recently, the affiliate for Madison County was chartered, which brings the total number of county affiliates (Interim County Organizations) to 31—that’s half of New York’s 62 counties–an incredible milestone!
In early 2019, we had 18 local affiliates. Since we achieved ballot access, we now have 31 affiliates, with an additional 16 in the process of forming, including one pending their charter!
If you are interested in getting involved locally, find your county affiliate here. If you county is not yet organized and you would like to help get one started, contact Mark Potwora, the Local Affiliate Development Chair, at affiliates@lpny.org
Help us continue to grow the party by getting involved, volunteering, and joining our pledge club.
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