Recently, on January 23rd, 2020, President Trump said he would consider cuts to entitlement programs. According to the news media this is big news because it violates a position he took during the 2016 campaign and the Democrats can use this against him in the upcoming campaign.

I don’t like Trump. Sometimes he does say things I like and this is one of them. Cutting entitlements, or reforming them if that sounds better, is absolutely necessary. We cannot afford these programs as they stand and informed people have known that for some time.

Those damn Democrats! Most of the Democratic Presidential Candidates want to EXPAND entitlement programs, not contract them; Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, among others. This is deceiving the American people and ruining the lives of future generations, including our children.

Might I add; Damn those Republicans! A few of them have talked about entitlement reform, to their credit. However, when Republicans have had complete control of the government they not only didn’t cut these programs but expanded them, such as Bush’s Medicare drug program.

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