Freedom in the United States

Today I saw two stories that gave me hope for the United States. First was an email from the Fraser Institute with its latest Economic Freedom of the World Report. The U.S. has risen in worldwide rankings to number 5. For several years the U.S. had been declining, to number 18 or so at the lowest.

I don’t understand the rise because I think President Trump has abused power and made economically unwise decisions, such as imposing tariffs. I am not a hater of everything Trump does, but dislike a lot of his policies.

The second story was a television news program showing protesters in Hong Kong, some of whom flew U.S. flags. The commentator stated that this showed that our flag symbolizes freedom around the world. This is a pleasing thought, although I am often pessimistic about our trend toward tyranny caused by the left and right.

Going back a few days I saw part of a documentary about swearing-in ceremonies for new citizens. Several citizens commented joyfully about freedom and opportunity in their new country. Their feelings were also a pleasant surprise, given the negative statements by Trump and others about immigrants.

Rick Miller

New York City

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