LPNY Holds 47th Annual Convention

“It is a period of civil unrest. Darth Cuomo rules New York with an iron fist, leaving the residents angry and fleeing. During the battle, Libertarian spies managed to steal secret plans to the Empire State’s ultimate weapon, ALBANY, a fabled city with enough power to destroy an entire state. Pursued by the Empire State’s sinister agents, the LPNY races towards their convention in Rochester, custodians of the liberty that can save New York and restore freedom to the state.”

“May The Force Not Be On You” was the theme for the 2019 Libertarian Party of New York State Convention, held in Rochester earlier this month, a nod to May 4’s Star Wars Day, which happened to be the date of the main business of the convention.

An informal gathering of Libertarians occurred at the hotel bar at the Radisson Hotel Rochester Airport the evening of Friday, May 3, 2019, as delegates to the convention arrived for the Libertarian Party of New York’s 47th Annual Convention. Delegates from around the state arrived to participate in the business and festivities.

Chair Jim Rosenbeck called the convention to order Saturday morning. Mark Potwora, Credentials Chair, issued several reports. Andrew Kolstee, Standing Rules Chair, issued a report. Tony D’Orazio, Program Chair, presented the agenda.

Election of officers were as follows. Mark Glogowski, who had previously served as Chair from 2015 to 2018, was re-elected to a 4th term. Michael McDermott and William Cody Anderson also sought the nomination. Kari Bittner, Member At Large (2018-2019) and Jeff Motta, Westchester County LP Treasurer, were elected Vice Chairs. Bill Schmidt was elected Secretary. Andrew Martin Kolstee had also sought the office. 10-term Secretary Blay Tarnoff (2005-07; 2011-19) was nominated, but declined to run again. Duane Whitmer was elected Treasurer unopposed.

There were twelve nominees for Member At Large: William Cody Anderson, Tony D’Orazio, Daniel Donnelly, Paul Grindle, Andrew Martin Kolstee, Peyton Kunselman, Mike McDermott, Christopher Olenski, Anthony Pellegrino, Steve Minogue, Daniel Singer, Chase Tkach, and Kevin Warmhold. Tony D’Orazio, Mark Potwora, and Tucker Coburn declined to run. Steve Minogue was re-elected to a second term and Mike McDermott, the 2014 gubernatorial candidate who had previously served as At Large from 2016 to 2018, was elected to a third term, while Paul Grindle, Christopher Olenski, and Chase Tkach were elected to a first term.

Additional reports from appointed members were also issued: Andrew Kolstee, Communications Director, Steve Minogue, Deputy Communications Director, Tony D’Orazio, Vetting Committee Chair, and Anthony Pellegrino, Finance Director.

Larry Sharpe, the 2018 gubernatorial election, spoke during lunch and talked about his goals to help advance the party. Attorney Jim Ostrowski also addressed the convention. Other resolution business included resolutions, both of which were not passed by the convention.

Following the convention, a business meeting of the State Committee of the Libertarian Party of New York was held, presided by Chair Mark Glogowski, who asked for the creation of three committees to address the future of the corporation. This was followed by the Interim State Committee meeting, presided by Chair Jim Rosenbeck, in which nine candidates were nominated, along with the chartering of five Interim County Organizations, among other party business. Future posts will highlight candidates and Interim County Organizations.

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