Anthony Pellegrino Appointed LPNY Finance Director

At the LPNY State Committee of June 3, 2018, Anthony Pellegrino was appointed by the Libertarian Party of New York’s State Committee to the role of Finance Director. The Westchester County Libertarian Party member is currently employed at D&D Elevator Maintenance, Inc. in Elmsford, New York, where he functions as the manager in charge of payroll and accounts payables. Graduated in 2014, Mr. Pellegrino has a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Globalization and plans to return to school to pursue his doctorate. Anthony has also volunteered as the Deputy Field Director and Petitioning Coordinator for the Lower Hudson Valley on the gubernatorial campaign to elect Larry Sharpe, onboarding volunteers and hosting phone banks. The host of the Fight for Thought podcast says he hopes to serve as financial director for the LPNY state committee with “competence and integrity,” stating that he looks forward to working with the team that will obtain permanent ballot access for the Libertarian Party of New York and elects Larry Sharpe to be the next Governor of New York State.

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