Larry Sharpe is the only candidate who will protect all of your rights all of the time

Libertarians are often described as “fiscally conservative” and “socially liberal.” This characterization suggests that libertarians are some combination of the least objectionable qualities of the two old parties.

That description is inaccurate.

Libertarians are fiercely independent and have less in common with the R’s and D’s than they have in common with each other. We can be easily identified by a few fundamental beliefs. Here are three:

We believe that you know how to spend your money better than government.

We believe that it is wrong for government to confiscate your money, give it to someone else and then call that compassion.

We defend ALL of your rights ALL of the time, not just when it it is politically convenient.

Conversely, Republicans and Democrats reserve the power to ignore or regulate away our natural rights and to spend our money as they choose. Libertarians defend your right to make choices that other people might not like so long as you do not forcibly interfere with the equal right of others to live in whatever manner they choose.

There is a gubernatorial election in New York this fall. Every candidate except the libertarian is willing to ignore your civil liberties to impose his/her agenda. Every candidate except the libertarian will divvy up the loot as if he/she earned it and then impose unfunded mandates on your community.

Then there is Libertarian Larry Sharpe. He is the only candidate that will protect all of your rights all of the time and let you decide what is best for your community. Please visit for more information.

James Rosenbeck


Libertarian Party of New York

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