LPNY Chair Jim Rosenbeck Elected LNC Region 8 Representative

NEW ORLEANS, LA – Region 8 of the Libertarian Party consists of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Each of the eight regions elect a representative and an alternate to serve on the Libertarian National Committee. Delegates of the states of Region 8 convened in a caucus in a meeting room at the Hyatt Regency Sunday evening to elect their representatives.

Incumbent Region 8 Representative Justin O’Donnell presided over the meeting and election. O’Donnell was nominated for re-election and Jim Rosenbeck, LPNY Chair was also nominated. Brian Waddell, LPNY Vice Chair, was nominated, but declined. O’Donnell and Rosenbeck were given nominating speeches and the candidates spoke briefly on their candidacies. Darryl Perry spoke on behalf of NOTA. The election results were announced, and Jim Rosenbeck was elected as Region 8 Representative with 37 votes. O’Donnell received 35 votes and 1 vote was cast for NOTA.

Incumbent Region 8 Alternate Alex Merced declined nomination for re-election. Nominations for Alternate were Spencer Diaz, Matthew Long, Patrick Lord, Jeff Lyons, and Brandon Phinney. The candidates were given nominating speeches and each candidate spoke on their candidacy. Perry again spoke on behalf of NOTA. After a ranked choice voting, Jeff Lyons was elected Region 8 Alternate with 319 points. Lord received 244 points, Phinney received 242 points, Long received 241 points, Diaz received 181 points, and 102 points were received by NOTA.

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