Libertarian Governor Candidate Larry Sharpe Outpolls Republican Candidate


Utica, N.Y. – At 3:30 p.m. yesterday afternoon, candidate for Governor of New York Larry Sharpe released the results of a Gravis Marketing poll of likely voters in this November’s gubernatorial election. 51% of those participating self-identified as Democrats, 30% of respondents identified as Republicans, and the remaining 19% identified as independent or other.

Approximately 25% of those polled indicated that they had previously heard of the libertarian candidate Larry Sharpe. Of those voters, 42 percent indicated a preference for Governor Andrew Cuomo, 24 percent preferred Larry Sharpe, 12 percent selected the Republican candidate and 7 percent chose the Green candidate.  Among likely voters who have had exposure, to the Sharpe campaign, Sharpe outpolled both the Green and Republican candidates combined!

In head-to-head matchups, Cuomo outpolled the Republican candidate 55% to 45%. When asked to select between the incumbent and Larry Sharpe, the result was a statistical tie! Cuomo polled at 51% and Larry Sharpe garnered 49% of the vote.  The margin of error is 4%.

Mr. Sharpe continues to travel across New York State focused on several issues. Among these are second amendment rights, economic opportunity, reducing the tax burden, and ending the culture of corruption in Albany.  For more information, please visit

The libertarian Party of New York is the only political party that defends all of your rights all of the time. To learn more about the LPNY please visit

See the Larry Sharpe campaign’s press release and further details here.

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