Three Genesee County Libertarians Secure Ballot Access in Batavia

Three Genesee County Libertarians are on the ballot for the Fall 2017 election! LPNY Vice Chair Jim Rosenbeck, LPNY At Large Representative Mark Potwora and GCLP member Lisa Whitehead aim to change business as usual in the City of Batavia.

Three City Council At Large positions are being contested on November 7th. Each voter in the city has three votes to cast. Mark, Lisa and Jim collected 380 signatures during the summer independent petitioning period earning ballot access. A minimum of 176 signatures was required.

Mark, Lisa and Jim used the recent petitioning time to conduct a “listening tour” of Batavia resident concerns. After hearing the same concerns in each of the city’s six wards, the candidates developed a bold local platform. That platform is now being shared during an ambitious door knocking campaign.

Local voters have been very receptive to the Libertarian candidates campaign slogan; “Change the Direction in This Election”. Here is the change that Mark Potwora, Lisa Whitehead and Jim Rosenbeck will bring to the City of Batavia:

Redevelop the Genesee Country Mall: The mall is the focal point of our city. The City’s comprehensive plan draft of July 2017 calls for putting a new roof on the mall and adding a second floor with apartments within the next five years. We propose to sell the mall concourse and raze most or all of the existing structure. Current owners/merchants must be kept whole in this process. We do not believe in the use of eminent domain. City taxpayers benefit from exiting the mall maintenance business. Throwing good money after bad is the wrong approach. Sell the city owned mall property for redevelopment.

Hire a new city manager: A new city manager is the correct business decision for Batavia at this time. In private business when progress slows or stalls, new leaders with new approaches are hired. Public administration should be no different.  We want to end the decade long litigation over the mall.  A new manager brings a new skill set, a fresh approach and creative ideas. The best choice for Batavia will be an excellent communicator and a proven consensus builder.  Excellent leaders develop mutual trust with the community.

Decrease Property Taxes: Funding city services through a tax on your property is inherently unfair.  Many of the people who can least afford it (seniors on fixed incomes) are often required to give the most. We won’t end property taxes but we are dedicated to reducing those taxes. We will not hire a full time assistant city manager. We look to end taxpayer investment in speculative tax abatements for corporations. We will solicit, value and reward suggestions from city employees when they improve the efficiency of city services. We will encourage and support voluntary community action that helps make Batavia a better place to live and work.

For more information on Mark, Lisa and Jim’s campaign please visit and like their Facebook page:

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