Outreach Director Application

The Libertarian Party of New York is seeking to fill the position of Outreach Director. The Outreach Director is a volunteer position that is responsible for overseeing the Outreach Division of the Libertarian Party of New York. The Outreach Director must be a dues paying member of the Libertarian Party of New York.

Description of Outreach Division

The Outreach Division is responsible for grassroots-level contact between the Libertarian Party of New York and the public at large. The general committee shall be the Outreach Committee.

  1. Chapter Development. Responsible for identifying potential county chapter leaders by seeking and vetting Temporary County Chairs and supporting the formation of county-level parties.
  2. Civic Engagement. Increasing voter registration.
  3. Coalition building. Work with organizations that are niched to specific issues that are aligned with the party platform such as gun rights, pro-legalization, etc.
  4. Planning and implementing statewide events such as the state convention, monthly social events, and political events.
  5. Event Sponsorship. Work with organizations to determine which events we will participate in and/or sponsor.
  6. Youth Outreach and Campus Building. Work with partisan (College Libertarians) and non-partisan (Young Americans for Liberty, Students for Liberty, etc.) student groups to set up additional chapters throughout the state.
  7. Coordination with other organizations. Maintaining useful contacts and coordination with student organizations, recruiting key demographics to the party, developing contacts with other grassroots-level organizations, and establishing county chapters for the party.
  8. Identify and work with conventions, conferences, and events throughout New York. Additionally, the Division will assist in training and supporting county Libertarian parties on successful event planning techniques and strategies.
  9. Target New Demographics. Identify and target new demographics who would have a high likelihood to be interested in the Libertarian Party.
  10. Frequent networking events and interact with other professionals and groups.
  11. Grass-root Event Organizing. Organize City Council, County Commission and other rallies.
  12. Maintain Vendor Relationships. Identifying and negotiating with vendors associated with event production.
  13. Calendar of Events. Maintain and update a database of all conferences, conventions and events throughout the state.
  14. Training and Support. Maintain and update a field manual on event production as well as train and support county parties.
  15. Responsible for organizing events, determine which events we want to attend, develop ideas for rallies. Also works on managing and organizing events, including the annual state convention.

Responsibilities of Outreach Director

  • a. Leading their division and populating the division’s subcommittees and positions.
  • b. Carrying out the tasks for which their division is responsible.
  • c. Reporting to the State Committee on the activities within their Division.
  • d. Presenting motions on behalf of their Division for matters, which require a vote of the State Committee.
  • e. Submitting a budget to the Finance Division.
  • f. Overseeing the approved budget for the division and approving expenditures within the approved budget.

Application Form

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