State Committee Changes and Upcoming Elections

The State Committee of the Libertarian Party of New York has undergone a few changes in the past few months.

Four members of the State Committee have resigned since the Nominating Convention: Brian Wells of JD4 (March 17, 2024), Adam Magoon of JD5 (March 26, 2024), John Janes of JD4 (April 5, 2024), and Michael Gately of JD6 (April 22, 2024). There are now a total of 12 vacancies on the State Committee. The next State Committee meeting will not be held until after the National Convention on a date to be determined.

However, State Committee elections are upon us. Anyone wishing to serve on the State Committee for the 2024-2026 term is required to register as a candidate. The deadline for registration is April 30, 2024

The Elections Oversight Committee will review all registrants for eligiblity. The committee has a meeting scheduled for May 6, 2024 and once they have certified the list of candidates, the County Affiliates will elect their Judicial District representatives. They will have until July 31, 2024 to do so.

The new State Committee will take office on the weekend of Septemebr 21-22, 2024 when the convention is held, which will also elect the Executive Committee.

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