LPNY Initiates $10,000 Fundraising Drive to Back Outreach and Opposition Against Tyrannical NYS Government

Dear Friends of Liberty,

We’re reaching out to you with an important opportunity that aligns perfectly with your dedication to individual freedoms and limited government. The Libertarian Party of New York has launched a crucial fundraising campaign, and we invite you to take a prominent role in this vital cause.

Currently, we’re facing significant challenges. Under the leadership of Kathy Hochul, we’re seeing an ever increasing intrusive government in New York, including an attack on third parties and any challenge to the authority of the political class. Now is the time for us to come together and strengthen our efforts to protect our cherished values.

LPNY remains steadfast in its commitment to safeguarding individual liberties, advocating for limited government, and upholding free-market principles. As a compelling alternative to the status quo, LPNY is determined to challenge the prevailing narrative and amplify the voices of those who champion personal freedom and minimal government intervention.

In pursuit of our mission, LPNY recognizes the imperative of acquiring essential resources, including advanced software and customer relationship management (CRM) tools. These tools will empower LPNY to elevate operational efficiency, systematically coordinate grassroots initiatives, and extend the reach of its message centered on liberty and individual rights. As part of this, we are currently in the process of rebuilding our website and entire digital infrastructure from the ground up. A strong foundation will create a strong party for the future.

Furthermore, LPNY is resolute in establishing a robust presence at the forthcoming New York State Fair in Syracuse. Through the establishment of a booth at the fair, LPNY aims to interact with fairgoers, elevate its brand visibility, and disseminate educational materials that underscore the core tenets and values of the party. The fair booth will serve as a pivotal platform to stimulate discourse, cultivate mutual understanding, and entice prospective future libertarians to join the movement.

The fundraising drive aims to address the following specific requisites:

Advanced software and CRM tools: LPNY necessitates contemporary technological solutions to streamline operations and optimize outreach endeavors.
Branding and marketing resources: LPNY endeavors to craft visually captivating branding materials that effectively convey its message and seize attention, particularly at the New York State Fair. These materials encompass brochures, pamphlets, and additional handouts meticulously designed to captivate potential supporters and educate them about libertarian principles.

At this very moment, we’re working to raise $10,000 for this drive, and your involvement is pivotal to our success. LPNY earnestly invites individuals devoted to liberty, advocates of limited government, and proponents of personal freedom to contribute to this pivotal cause. By contributing to LPNY’s fundraising initiative, supporters can actively engage in the battle against government overreach and play a pivotal role in forging a freer and more prosperous New York State.

To make a donation or acquire more information about LPNY’s fundraising endeavor, kindly visit our donate page.

In Liberty,

Andrew Martin Kolstee
Chair, Libertarian Party of New York

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