Do We Need Less Governing?


Do we need less governing?

”There are two possible ways for people to relate to each other, either voluntarily or coercively.”” – Doug Casey

Let’s start by distinguishing force from power…real power attracts cooperation; it has little need for force.

When a government can’t depend on allegiance and voluntary compliance it must force obedience. As government demands submission the question becomes: How much and what kind of submission is acceptable?

‘Government’ is just a different word for ‘Law’. A government’s legitimacy and moral right to use state power is only justified and lawful when consented to by the people. Otherwise it is forced on people. An ideal government requires no forced obedience because people voluntarily consent to the laws.

Should values be forced on us and choices restricted by any party? Those who complain about government ought to strive for less of it but all they really do is complain about not having enough of it to impose their rule over others. Can’t we try to liberate instead of regulate each other? Wasn’t America supposed to be about individual liberty instead of forced obedience?

All laws steal choices. They create privileges for some and steal inalienable rights from others in the process. They prohibit and limit choices for some people and make you obey someone else’s choices. It’s like being told where to sit on the bus. Laws can make you do things you would not want to do if you were free. Was it meant to be this way?

What can be more valuable than choice? What do you have when you have no choice?

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