2023 Petitioning Begins

Petitioning for 2023 local offices is underway across the state. We have several Libertarian candidates petitioning to get on the ballot. The filing dates are May 23-30, 2023 and it is not too late to start petitioning if you would like to run.

Libertarian candidates in New York will need to run under the independent petitioning guidelines, since the New York State government took away our ballot access. As a result, candidates will need signatures from 5% of the number of votes for governor in the 2022 election in their district to get on the ballot. Many county Board of Elections have this information available on their website.

If you are interested in running and need assistant, please reach out to the Libertarian Party of New York for guidance. When the petitions are filed, we will give a report on the candidates who have successfully petitioned to get on the ballot.

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