Take Human Action Tour to Make Stop in New York City


Government authoritarianism is on the rise, and NY is ground zero, fracturing the relative freedom, peace, stability, and prosperity we once enjoyed.

America needs a change in its culture, attitude, and spirit as much as it needs political change. Liberty has to be successful as a cultural movement before it can be successful as a political movement. That’s why the Take Human Action tour was created: to change our culture and spirit as we advocate for liberty in the political sphere.

The Take Human Action tour features our biggest Libertarian heroes and thought leaders promoting Austrian Economics, nullification and decentralization, war and peace, gun rights, and free speech.

Saturday, April 1, will feature speakers and Q&A’s with Keith Knight (Editor-in-chief of the Libertarian Institute, Author of “The Voluntaryist Handbook, Host of “Don’t Tread on Anyone” show), Mike Maharrey (Communications director for the 10th Amendment Center, Contributor at SchiffGold and Godarchy), Gene Epstein (Founder and Moderator of the Soho Forum Debate Series, former chief economist for the New York Stock Exchange, former economics editor at Barron’s magazine), Dale Woolridge (Social Psychology PhD from University of Texas, Student activist against Vietnam War, founder of “Action for Liberty”, “Organizing A Mass Uprising”), Maj Toure (Founder of “Black Guns Matter” and “Solutionary Lifestyle”, former candidate for Philadelphia City Council), Tom Woods (Host of the “Tom Woods Show”, creator of “Liberty Classroom” and “School of Life”, Major Contributor to “Ron Paul Homeschool Curriculum”), and Dave Smith, Dave Smith, Libertarian comedian, political commentator, and host of “Part of the Problem.”

Sunday, April 2, will be entirely focused on political activism, with candidate and campaign training, by New York’s own Larry Sharpe (2x NY Gubernatorial Candidate, US Vice Presidential Candidate, Entrepreneur, Host of “The Sharpe Way”). SUNDAY IS ENTIRELY FREE! We want to provide training and resources to get campaign candidates and campaign managers ready to change their local communities, because freedom and liberty starts at the most local levels! Make sure to stop by the LPNY table and say hello!

Take Human Action Tour New York City


Saturday, 4/1/23 (9AM-5PM)

Sunday, 4/2/23 (10AM-2PM)


Blockchain Center – 2307 Broadway New York, NY 10024


Tickets are $30 + fees, Lunch is $25 + fees. Training is FREE!



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