Mark Glogowski Appointed Platform Committee Chair

Dear Libertarian,

Our party’s platform is supposed to be one of the greatest assets the party has. It is reportedly the document people are sent to when they ask, ”What is the party all about?” Unfortunately, other than that, it is not being used to any extent.  It is almost never cited.  It doesn’t make for stimulating reading. I have never seen a Libertarian candidate reference the platform or hand out copies to prospective voters.  How many times have you quoted one of the one and two sentence paragraphs of the platform? Do you even remember one without looking?

I volunteered to be the Platform Chairman because I believe, as good as those statements are, they can be stated in a way that will be more memorable when heard or read.  I believe they can be written in a way that people will want to quote the platform when it comes to defining what we stand for rather than just reference it.

This will not be an easy task, but if you are up to the challenge of a lifetime, consider joining the LPNY Platform Committee.   For example: We have no platform addressing abortion. The best we have is: 

“The right to self-ownership and personal autonomy – individuals have the right to do with their own bodies whatever they please.” 

So, does that condone abortion – the pre-meditated elimination of a human life?  I would prefer a right to Life platform that says “Libertarians are pro-life, pro-choice, and anti-abortion (because abortion is the pre-meditated elimination of a human life).” This statement as a platform will immediately draw both the pro-life and pro-abortion people into the discussion beginning with: “What do you mean – Pro-Life and pro-Choice”? How can you be both?  I will be glad to continue if you want to actually discuss this position, but…

Like I said. This is going to be a challenge. Barring a blackout or conflict in scheduling, I plan to hold Platform Committee meetings every other week, on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month.  Send me an email if you are interested and I will send you a link to the meeting.

Mark Glogowski, PhD.

Platform Committee Chairman

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