2022 Election Write-In Results Gradually Arrive

The 2022 election results for our statewide candidates has been gradually arriving—simply because we had to run a write-in campaign. Our candidates, Larry Sharpe for Governor, Andrew Hollister for Lt. Governor, William Schmidt for Comptroller, Sean Hayes for Attorney General, and Thomas Quiter for U.S. Senator, did not appear on the ballot as a result of the duopoly’s continued battle to destroy third parties.

A FOIL request had to be sent to each County Board of Elections, and each county had a different way of presenting the results. Some counties posted the write-in results online, while others provided the results via email. Some counties had a breakdown of write-ins by the district while others had a simple summary. Some counties provided information on all write-ins, while some only provided information on only some write-in candidates. 

The conclusion to this is clear—to the Board of Elections, your write-in vote doesn’t matter—your protest to the two major parties doesn’t matter. The official election results on the New York State Board of Elections website lists all write-ins as “scattering”—which means, for example, Larry Sharpe, who so far has 1,774 votes, is combined as scattering with every other write-in vote. While over 4,000 of these votes remain unknown, Larry, as well as most of our candidates, received more write-in votes than any other candidate.

In write-ins from what we have gathered, Larry Sharpe (1,774) is ahead of Howie Hawkins (514), Andrew Cuomo (410), Jumaane Williams (118), Michael Bloomberg (104), Harry Wilson (65), Kim Davis (60), Thomas Suozzi (45), George Pataki (30), and Letitia James (29). 

To the state, all that matters is how many votes Kathy Hochul received and how many votes Lee Zeldin received. Here you will find a table of the election results—which have been received so far from 50 out of 62 counties—but the complete breakdown of those tallies is not yet complete.

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