Poll Confirms 68% of New Yorkers Flee High Cost of Living, Not Weather

68% New Yorkers are moving due to high costs, compared to only 3% for the warmer weather. Larry Sharpe outlines a plan to reverse this trend as Governor. 

New York State is one of the top three states that people moved out of in 2021, according to a Move.org survey. This is accompanied by a massive surge of New Yorkers relocating to Florida, and other Southern states. This mass migration began well before COVID, when in 2018 former Governor Andrew Cuomo blamed it on the weather. The Sharpe campaign launched a Twitter poll to pose the question, “Why are New Yorkers Fleeing New York?” Of 608 votes cast, 68.4% of respondents identified the “Cost of Living” as the primary factor for people fleeing NY, while only 2.6% chose “the weather.” 

New York has the third highest cost of living index at 139.1 only trailing Hawaii and California according to World Population Review. In addition, the GDP growth rate in New York is only 4.8% compared to the national average of 6.9%, ranking 11th lowest out of the 50 states, and the lowest out of all states with large metro areas according to the Department of Commerce. 

NY Governor Race: 2022 Twitter Poll
NY Governor Race: 2022 Twitter Poll

Larry Sharpe, candidate for Governor of New York has a plan to reverse this trend. Sharpe said,“We must unshackle our business sector in New York through decreased regulatory burden and new innovative ideas to spur growth, including the smart and effective use of tax dollars and new ways to generate revenue, other than taxes.”

Larry Sharpe’s plan to raise revenue without raising taxes, and to ease the burden on small businesses in New York includes three major points:

  • MTA: Faster Forward plan to lease the naming rights of bridges & tunnels to generate new revenue, reduce the cost of living by eliminating tolls, and reduce the tax burden to maintain this infrastructure by incentivizing sponsors to bear the maintenance cost.
  • Farmer Freedom Proposal to exempt farm-to-table & small businesses from nearly all state and federal regulations. 
  • Step Up Stipend to eliminate income tax for those who can least afford to pay, and directly targets poverty by providing individuals with cash to meet their basic needs. 

“Our founders wrote that we should be free to pursue happiness”, said Sharpe, “That is my goal as the next governor of New York. I want happy and fulfilled New Yorkers free to pursue their dreams here in our great state.” —Larry Sharpe

About Larry Sharpe

Larry Sharpe ran for Governor of New York in 2018 and got close to 100,000 votes as a Libertarian. He is running again as a Libertarian, with the additional endorsement of Andrew Yang’s Forward Party. He is a Husband, Father, Marine, Entrepreneur, Teacher and Political Activist. His mission is to help people find happiness through community and purpose, often by overcoming bad policy decisions in government. His ability to connect with voters across the political spectrum enabled the Libertarian Party to achieve automatic ballot access for the first time in New York state history.

For more information visit https://lpny.org/


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Press release authored by Jeffrey Denecke and edited by Dennis Consorte

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