Libertarian Party of New York Calls For Nullification Of and Non-Compliance With Latest Statewide Mask Mandate

Albany, New York, December 13, 2021: In response to the Governor Hochul executive order requiring masks in all public places in New York State as of Monday, December 13th, the Libertarian Party of New York, who has denounced this and other similar orders, calls for all county sheriffs and district attorneys to forego enforcement of these mandates.

According to Cody Anderson, chair of the LPNY, what is being sought is to allow citizens and businesses to make informed decisions that conform to the enforcement and prosecutorial intent, by non-compliance with this order. This non-enforcement being requested will also ensure that scarce and critical law enforcement resources are not devoted to ill-advised actions erroneously justified by a constitutionally dubious executive order.

“It is par for the course that the Governor is ignoring the will of the state’s citizens and the tatters that remain of the New York economy, especially at a time when there is no direct or circumstantial evidence to support these measures,” Anderson explained. “Inflation is at its highest levels since the Reagan Administration, and people are out of work and losing income around the state, placing an already fragile recovery in peril. The Governor’s actions stand to reverse any marginal recovery we have made. The LPNY calls upon all businesses to ignore the Governor’s edict and make decisions that are right for them. We demand county executives, boards of supervisors, local law enforcement, local health departments and district attorneys nullify these unconstitutional and immoral edicts through non-enforcement, so businesses will not be punished for evaluating risk and making free market choices. We call upon the citizens of New York to join us in making these demands of their local officials, and to seek out and patronize those businesses who practice non-compliance.”

Some counties, like Cattaraugus and Rensselaer, have already announced that they will not be enforcing this mandate. Erie County had a previously established mask mandate and will continue to enforce. The LPNY is tracking responses to our call and public statements concerning this mandate at

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Anthony D’Orazio
1st Vice Chair
Libertarian Party of New York

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