Libertarian Party of New York Marks End of New York Legislative Session

The 2021 New York Legislative Session came to a close with the usual flurry legislation. Lawmakers congratulates themselves over their legislative achievements.

Last week, the 2021 New York State Legislative Session came to a close with the usual flurry of legislation. Lawmakers patted themselves on the back over their legislative achievements.

Rich Purtell, Legislative Director for The Libertarian Party of New York, took the opportunity to sit down with LPNY Chair Cody Anderson,  and discuss many of New York’s legislative victories, as well as those that spell disaster for freedom in New York.  Finally, they detailed a wish list for the next Legislative Session.

“Certainly, the people of New York are going to be reminded that 2021 was the year that the legalization of recreational marijuana was passed in New York, forgetting that this was a smokescreen for Governor Cuomo’s scandals,,” Anderson explained. “What New Yorkers should NOT forget are the oppressive restrictions placed upon small businesses under cover of COVID-19, the endorsement of liability for gun manufacturers who are performing a 100% legal act in manufacture and have nothing to do with any crimes committed, and the cancelation of the 2021 opportunity-to-ballot, ensuring a primary without any challenge from a third-party contender. In the next legislative session, the Assembly and Senate can make the last piece avoidable in the future by passing legal provisions for online petitioning for ballot eligibility, joining a growing number of states that allow this…”

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Anthony D’Orazio
Public Engagement Director
Libertarian Party of New York

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