Libertarian Party of New York Applauds Victory of Athletes Unleashed in Court Against Lockdown Restrictions, Calls For End to Unlimited Executive Powers

Buffalo, New York, February 24, 2021: Athletes Unleashed, the gym in Orchard Park which was illegally breached by Eric County Sheriff’s deputies and the Department of Health in November 2020, won a permanent injunction against New York State and Governor Cuomo on Tuesday.  As a result, they no longer need to abide by Governor Cuomo’s executive orders that are older than thirty days.  Executive orders under thirty days old, such as the mandated 11pm closing time, and mandates by the Department of Health, such as the masking requirement, are still in effect.

In an unrelated op-ed on Tuesday, the New York Times also called for an end to the COVID-19 emergency, stating that people “who are struggling or despairing right now need a sense of hope, of light at the end of winter’s tunnel”, calling for the end of restrictions on a national level.

Cody Anderson, Chair of the Libertarian Party of New York, applauded the court’s ruling, and pointed out that the Athletes Unleashed decision and the Times op-ed are part of a trend signaling the end of Governor Cuomo’s rule by executive fiat.  

“The legislature wholly and unconstitutionally abdicated their lawmaking responsibilities to Governor Cuomo in March 2020. That it ever happened, is an abomination for which the Legislature should be ashamed. The courts have once again sent a clear message that they concur,” Anderson explained. “The restrictions that have resulted from the Legislature’s error and the Governor’s tyrannical rule are not commensurate with, or supportive of, Life, Liberty, or the Pursuit of Happiness. We encourage every voter in New York to contact their State Legislators, as well as Assembly Speaker Heastie and Senate Leader Stewart-Cousins, and demand a vote to rescind the emergency powers granted to the Governor a year ago and wielded by him like a blunt weapon against the residents of New York ever since.”

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Anthony D’Orazio
1st Vice Chair
Libertarian Party of New York

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