New York Times Headline

Front page of the paper edition, right hand column July 28, 2020:     G.O.P. Relief Plan Slices Extra Pay for Unemployed

Suggested edit for the Times to make the headline neutral:     G.O.P. Relief Plan reduces unemployment payments

The bias of The Times creeps into its news stories and the paper seems unaware of it.  It is one thing for columns labeled “Analysis” or “Editorial” to reflect a specific viewpoint and another to have supposed ‘reporting’ reflecting one view.

I read many publications with a specific viewpoint; think tank papers, magazines etc.  The difference is those publications acknowledge their bias.  News articles reflect The Times viewpoint even when the paper thinks it is providing objective coverage.

I don’t give the Republicans (or the Democrats) credit for much but this proposal makes sense; under the current Federal program unemployed people receive $600 per week in supplemental funds from the Federal government.  More than 70% of unemployed persons are receiving more than they were when working.  Thus, there is an incentive to stay on the program and delay returning to work.  The G.O.P. proposal reduces that incentive.

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