Three Themes

I might be trying to put too many themes into one piece but here goes. The first is the bias shown by left wing media with respect to two recent news topics. The second is that libertarians are more objective even though they can be as ideological as anyone. The third is that the right and left are equally bad and are leading us to tyranny.

On March 25, 2019, Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller filed his report with the Attorney General. The Attorney General summarized parts of it, including Mueller’s conclusion that Trump and his campaign did not conspire with the Russians to win the election. The Russians did, of course, mess around.

A article by Elizabeth Nolan entitled “The President Isn’t a Russian Spy; Resistance Media Will Keep Freaking Out Anyway” points out that MSNBC “painted breathless portraits of a President beholden to the Kremlin.” She goes on to say various left wing media outlets will continue with this theme despite the Special Counsel’s conclusion. has the objectivity to run an article pointing out that some of the pundits have kinda changed their minds on collusion (Joe Setyn, “$25 million Later, 3 Pundits Kind-of-Sort-of Change Their Minds on Collusion.”

Please don’t get the idea I am a Trump supporter. Being libertarian gives us the ability to see unjust left wing treatment of the President and at the same time criticize many of his positions. I do think the left wing media does a disservice to its own cause because the distortions create sympathy for a President who doesn’t deserve sympathy.

Another example from recent news concerns the killing of 50 people in a New Zealand mosque. Brittany Hunter in an article on the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) site writes in “The Collectivist Killings at Christchurch, New Zealand” that the media focuses on the killer’s right wing rants and ignores his left wing rants, such as his anti-capitalism. Admiration for China was another of his views. She mentions Slate and the New Yorker in particular for their articles blaming the right.

My take on killings such as these is that the killers usually have a bizarre mixture of ideologies and the real problem is something in their mental makeup.

I don’t omit the right but going into detail would make this piece too long. Suffice it to say the rantings of some FOX personalities about the dangers posed by immigrants simply defy the facts.

Libertarian sites have agendas too. What makes them better and in my opinion more objective, is that they are not beholden to liberal or conservative views, to Republicans or Democrats. That is an incredibly valuable feature.

I contend that the right and left are equally to blame for our drift toward tyranny. They both want a strong leader who will straighten out society for us; stop those immigrants from coming in and coerce people into not using drugs; or, a Green New Deal, which would require massive government-mandated change in our way of life and top that off with political correctness to control our speech. I fear the left and the right. If we devolve into left wing tyranny I will equally blame the right and if right wing tyranny arises I will equally fault the left.

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