With Schneiderman out, who is left in the New York Attorney General race?


Will Libertarian Chris Garvey be the next New York Attorney General?

With the sudden, dramatic implosion of Eric Schneiderman’s career and reelection hopes, the question emerges: Who will be the next New York State Attorney General? A race that could be safely ignored and an outcome that could be taken for granted is now high drama.

All of the good candidates are already lined up for other races. The Democrats will have to scrounge up some unknown leftover who wasn’t considered good enough to run for State Assembly or State Senate to run for State Attorney General.

It is during times like these and elections like this that a third party candidate can emerge and WIN. It has happened before in New York. Will Chris Garvey, Libertarian party candidate for New York State Attorney General follow in the footsteps of James L. Buckley and win a close, three-way, statewide race?

Will Democrat voters unquestioningly support an unknown, second-string party insider or will they scrutinize the positions and ideologies of all three candidates and select one of their own, independent choosing?

Libertarians and Democrats share many positions on social issues. A well-known Libertarian with long-held positions may attract more voters than a Democrat “career changer” who may alter his positions to suit his new job description, much like Kirsten Gillibrand flipping on gun rights after she got a new job and moved downstate.

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