4 Libertarians Every New Yorker Should Know About

I’ve been involved with the Libertarian Party of New York since 2013 when I first ran for New York City (NYC) Public Advocate. I fell in love with the party and its members who passionately care about the state of New York and each other, which motivated me to run for U.S. Senate against Chuck Schumer in 2016 and for NYC Comptroller in 2017. In my travels, I’ve met many members across the state and wanted to highlight four New York Libertarians every New Yorker should be keeping their eye on.

#4 – Kevin Wilson

Chair of the Libertarian Party of Monroe County, Kevin Wilson has been a proactive and effective member of the party. Bringing his experience in fundraising and marketing to the fold, he has served as an invaluable piece in several campaigns from my own U.S. Senate campaign, the Andrew Hollister campaign for Rochester City Council, and now the Larry Sharpe for Governor campaign.

#3 – Devin Balkind

The top Libertarian Party vote count in the 2017 NYC elections, Devin has unique angle on libertarianism that has struck accord with blue state New York. Devin’s “Big City Libertarianism” focuses on using technology to make local government more accountable by enabling transparency and participation by city residents. His goal is that a better local government will make a case for a smaller imprint at the State and Federal levels, where local residents have less influence and ability to hold politicians accountable. Devin is now pursuing a run to become the next chair of the Brooklyn Libertarian Party to promote his party vision.

#2 – Brian Waddell

Brian Waddell had a very impressive run for Manhattan Borough President in 2017, including a very memorable debate with his opponent on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network and getting an endorsement from a local neighborhood paper. Brian Waddell also was the heart of my U.S. Senate campaign as my campaign manager, making sure that I was able to get across the state to talk to the people of New York about having a real alternative in 2016. Now Brian is once again at the heart of bringing an alternative to New York as the campaign manager of the Larry Sharpe for Governor campaign.

#1 – Larry Sharpe

After becoming the runner up to former governor Bill Weld in the race for the 2016 Libertarian Party Vice-Vice Presidential nomination, Larry Sharpe has become a national sensation with libertarians and non-libertarians who enjoy his honesty, charisma, and empathy when it comes to the issues that face people everywhere. An entrepreneur, Marine, and family man, Larry Sharpe hopes to bring his love of New York and its people to the Governor’s mansion as he takes on Andrew Cuomo in 2018.

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