LPNY, Onondaga County LP Outreach at State Fair

Syracuse, NY – “Do you think the government is doing a good job?”

That was the question we asked New York State Fair goers who stopped by our booth. The Libertarian Party of New York teamed up with the Onondaga County Libertarian Party for outreach at the event. The 13 days of food and entertainment drew a record attendance of over 1 million visitors.

We used the Operation Politically Homeless chart to help find people’s political identity. We had several hundred takers of the World’s Smallest Political Quiz with many quiz takers landing LIBERTARIAN on the chart. From those results, we recruited several to re-register on the spot with several more taking a registration form with them. We also collected contact information from over 60 people, from 13 different counties, all interested in the LPNY.

The event allowed us to put real faces on libertarianism. We engaged with hundreds of people, many of whom seemed genuinely looking for a political party to call their own. Our hope is that we opened their minds to the idea that it’s the Libertarian Party.


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