Evan’s Law violates the 4th amendment – tell your senator to kill it!

New York state senators Murphy, Ranzenhofer, & Avella are proposing a law that would give police the ability to circumvent a warrant to gain access to your cell phone in order to determine if the phone was touched at the time of a car accident, thereby nullifying the 4th amendment to the U.S. Constitution and our personal liberties. Referred to as ‘Evan’s Law’ or the ‘Textalyzer Bill’, the point of giving this new power to police and taking away right from individuals would be to ‘protect people’. The issue is that each time we give law enforcement more power to conduct searches and seizures without obtaining a warrant, we are destroying the Bill of Rights more and more.

See the bill here: www.nysenate.gov/legislation/bills/2015/s6325/amendment/a

It is still in the senate committee. It may not be too late to kill the bill if we all vote ‘nay’ and email our senators and assemblymen and demand that they vote against this attack on privacy.
Do you want to make it easier for police who text and drive to gain access to your phone and revoke your license or jail you for doing the same??

Tell the 3 sponsors how you feel about their bill:


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