Starting an Affiliate

Becoming an affiliate of the Libertarian Party of NY

The following is an interpretation of what the state bylaws require to charter a new County Organization. The LPNY Bylaws are the authoritative source for this information.

1) The proposed County Organization must cover a single county or a contiguous group of counties (the “region”) in which there is no chartered County Organization at the time of application for charter.

2) A good faith attempt be made, in advance, to notify all LPNY members residing in the region of an organizing Convention. This involves getting a list of all local dues-paying members from the State Committee.

3) The organizing Convention must be held, and attended by seven LPNY members residing in the region.

4) No LPNY member residing in the region can be denied the right to attend the organizing Convention or join the County Organization once it is chartered.

5) A set of bylaws must be adopted at the organizing Convention covering:

a) Membership requirements (if any).
b) Provision for at least one annual Convention.
c) Procedures for selecting County officers and positions.
d) Procedures for amending the County By-Laws.
e) Procedures for endorsing candidates for public office.
f) Provision for division of treasury and other pooled resources (if there are any) in the event of a county’s secession from a County Organization of more than one county to form a County Organization from a smaller included geographical unit.

6) At least four LPNY members must be members of the proposed County Organization for it to continue to exist.

7) The chair of the proposed County Organization must be a member of the LPNY at the time of its application for charter.

The steps taken to comply with each of these tasks should be documented. Are you interested? Are you interested in becoming a Temporary County Chair, which signifies your interest in getting this process started? If so, contact us.

Above are just the official steps. You’re also going to want to get in touch with others and develop some priorities to work on.

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