Run for Office

If you want to see a better world, you’re going to have to participate! Win or lose, running for office lets New York voters know about the Libertarian alternative to conventional left-right politics. If you can’t run yourself, try to find someone else who can.

In 2018, we’re looking for candidates to run for offices. All state legislative and Congressional offices are up for election, as well as the office of Senator.

It’s easy:

  • Select a position in your area for which to run.
  • Let us or your local party know–local parties are listed at affiliates page. If you don’t see your area represented, contact us using the form below, and we will determine who needs to approve your nomination. Hurry!
  • Stop by the NYS Board of Elections Running for Office page and feel free to ask us if you have questions–there’s a lot there! You need to read the sections about Independent Nominating Petitions. We’ll help you out with the petition process, and see if other LP candidates overlap your district so that you can combine efforts.
  • Get all your friends and help us petition–petitioning starts in July. (See the Board of Elections Political Calendar.) We’ll help you figure out when and what to do if you’re new at this. If you’ve got experience, that’s even better!

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