Political Director Application

The Libertarian Party of New York is seeking to fill the position of Political Director. The Political Director is a volunteer position that is responsible for overseeing the Political Division of the Libertarian Party of New York. The Political Director must be a dues paying member of the Libertarian Party of New York.

Political Division Description

1. Responsibilities

  • a. Candidates – Recruiting and vetting Candidates to run for office and training Candidates to run successful and effective campaigns. They will maintain a database of all Libertarian Candidates.
  • b. Placing Volunteers – Identifying and placing Libertarians who are interested in working on campaigns.
  • c. Database of Offices – It is important that we know all offices available, when they are available and how to qualify or run for each office. The Libertarian Party of New York will maintain a database of all elected offices and appointed offices on the website.
  • d. Situational Awareness – Staying on top of media and current events and distributing that to Candidates so we are in the know and can react appropriately.

2. Subcommittees

  • a. Ballot Access & Petitioning Subcommittee – responsible for creating, organizing, and distributing petitions
  • b. Candidate Recruitment Subcommittee – responsible for finding candidates
  • c. Candidate Support Subcommittee – responsible for supporting candidates, providing resources, etc.
  • d. Vetting Subcommittee – responsible for the vetting of candidates not covered by a chapter.

3. Positions

  • a. Political Director

Responsibilities of Political Director

  • a. Leading their division and populating the division’s subcommittees and positions.
  • b. Carrying out the tasks for which their division is responsible.
  • c. Reporting to the State Committee on the activities within their Division.
  • d. Presenting motions on behalf of their Division for matters, which require a vote of the State Committee.
  • e. Submitting a budget to the Finance Division.
  • f. Overseeing the approved budget for the division and approving expenditures within the approved budget.

Application Form

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