Saratoga, Onondaga, Tioga, and Yates Counties Hold Conventions

Four County Affiliates have held their conventions in the past two months.

In Saratoga County, they held their convention on February 25, 2023. They elected the following officers: Naz Garabedien as the new Chair, Craig Berndt as the new Vice-Chair, John Janes was reelected as Secretary, Karyn Thompson was reelected as  Treasurer, and Amanda Ellithorpe, George DeMers, Fraser Thompson, Amy Bergman, and Chris Bergnam were elected as Members-At-Large.

The Onondaga County Libertarian Party held its convention on March 12, 2023 and elected the following officers:  Shawn Hannon was reelected as Chair, Rachel Becker was reelected as Vice-Chair, John McLaughlin was reelected as Secretary, and  Jamie Fitch  was elected as their new Treasurer.

Tioga County held their convention on March 15, 2023. The following officers were elected: Sara Price was elected as teh new Chair, Rich Purtell was elected as the new Vice Chair, Joe Breitwieser was reelected Secretary, and Derek Gilbert was reelected as Treasurer. 

The Yates County Libertarian Party held its convention on March 26, 2023. All officers were reelected: Jeff Bradley as Chair, Phillip Rahr as Vice-Chair, Janice Enos as Secretary, and Keith Ward as Treasurer.

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