State Committee Meeting Held March 5

On Sunday, March 5, 2023, the State Committee of the Libertarian Party of New York held their third meeting of the 2022-2024 term. Four new members were elected to fill vacancies on the State Committee: Craig Colwell (JD6), Charles Roggen (JD8), John Clifton (JD11), and Francisco Olvera (JD11).  See page 3 to learn more about them.

The Rules Committee report was presented. Several amendments were passed and a few failed. Most of the amendments involved minor clarifications and cleanup of the language. The proposal to create a Conflict Resolution Committee failed. In early 2021 the idea of a Judicial Committee was rejected, leading to a two year effort to draft this proposal with the same result.

Two of the more significant new rules amendments codified a requirement that the State Committee, not the Chair, must approve regional agreements as well as vote on any proposed recall of the LNC Regional Representative or Alternate.

Another significant development was the removal of the requirement to hold business meetings in-person at least twice per year, opening the door for holding in-person events (such as with workshops and speakers) without the need to conduct business that can be done online. 

The ability to conduct business for unorganized counties was also enhanced by simplifying appointments or renewals of an expiring County Contact to the end of the succeeding quarter. Additionally, quorum for new County Affiliates was set at 4 LPNY members for all counties, regardless of the number of enrolled Libertarians, in which the previous rquirement ranged from 4 to 9.

Finally, rules amendment proce

dures were optimized to allowing proposed Rules changes to be distributed electronically at a minimum as opposed to physically by mail, as well as permitting amendments without prior notice, such as if an amendment is necessary during a business meeting.

Due to time constraints, the Platform Committee report will not be heard until the next meeting.

Finally, the committee passed two significant resolutions: one blocking expenditure of resources for the 2024 ballot access race and a second supporting a bill to limit qualified immunity in New York.

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