History Project Update: Historic List of Treasurers Completed

In 2016, I began editing at LPedia—the repository for the history of the Libertarian Party. It is operated by the National Libertarian Party’s Historic Preservation Committee, in which I have been a member since July 18, 2018. While the project is a national project, my focus has been on the history of the Libertarian Party of New York. I will start including history project updates in the newsletter each month. Last month, I outlined the history of the newsletters of the party as the relaunch of this newsletter began. 

One of the latest developments of this project includes a complete list of all those who served as Treasurer of the Libertarian Party of New York. There was a piece of information missing—the term for 1991-1992, and I did not know who was Treasurer at that time. William Stocker was Treasurer from 1983 to 1991, and then Steve LaBianca was Treasurer from 1992-1993, as there are available newsletters from 1992 with in-depth information. It was here that I discovered that LaBianca was the new Treasurer, with his predecessor being William Stocker, thereby finishing the complete list of LPNY Treasurers—a total of 21 individuals from Jerome Klasman in 1973 to Cody Anderson today.  The only piece of information I am missing is the date of the 2003 convention to complete the tenures of Treasurers.

These lists of officeholders are important when trying to understand the timeline of the party’s history—in which it is helpful to know who was involved in the party at a given time period.

I do have a complete list of Chairs as well—but my list of LPNY Vice-Chairs and Secretaries is not yet complete.

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