Libertarian Party of New York Joins With 2ANYS to Request Sheriffs and District Attorneys Not To Enforce Home Gathering Limits on Thanksgiving

Hamburg, New York, November 19, 2020: In response to the Governor Cuomo executive order capping small social gatherings at private homes at 10 people, the Libertarian Party of New York, who had already denounced this order, have joined forces with 2ANYS to request all county sheriffs and district attorneys to not prioritize enforcement of these laws..

In the communications, sent on Wednesday and Thursday and penned by Steve Felano of 2ANYS, the groups ask for clarity on enforcement, in order to “allow citizens… to make informed decisions that conform to your enforcement and prosecutorial intent. It will also ensure that scarce and critical law enforcement resources are not devoted to ill-advised actions erroneously justified by a constitutionally dubious executive order that you do not intend to enforce.”

“I find it extremely tone deaf, as should anyone watching the news, that the Governor is willing to send armed men into homes, during a time where there are riots and protests about government agents killing unarmed Americans,” Duane Whitmer, 2nd Vice-Chair of the LPNY and Chair of the Erie County Libertarian Party, explained. “I am glad Sheriffs and District Attorneys are not wasting taxpayer resources on an unconstitutional ego trip, spying on citizens, or counting cars in a driveway. In a time where mental health has been crushed, families have been separated, people are out of work and losing income, being around family and those you care about is a necessity in this time of uncertainty. Thankfully, for the officers upholding their oath to the Constitution, families will not have to look over their shoulder in most counties this Thanksgiving.”

Several district attorneys and sheriffs, including Niagara County District Attorney Caroline Wojtaszek, Genesee County Sheriff William Sheron and Erie County Sheriff Tim Howard, have already stated that they have no intention of enforcing the unconstitutional executive order. The LPNY is tracking these responses at   

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Anthony D’Orazio
1st Vice Chair
Libertarian Party of New York

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