I want to begin by saying diversity is important to me. I remember when growing up it was a big deal when two blacks (“negroes” at the time) joined my senior high school. And I remember how women were limited in the choice of occupations; not by law for the most part, but by custom. De facto, not de jure, as we lawyers say.

BUT; I get tired of “Diversity” as a mantra, as a value superior to all others. I was reminded of this today (April 7, 2020) when walking in New York City’s Riverside Park past one of the dog runs. There was a banner touting the dog run that began with

Riverside Park serves a large and diverse community of dog owners who value
its dog runs and enjoy the off-leash hours, pathways, scenic views, and the
neighborhood feeling the Park provides.

It seems that every level of government and almost every college has to claim it values “diversity.” Sometimes I hate this political correctness so much that I want to say I am against diversity. But I’m not. It’s just that there are other important things too, such as liberty, limited government, spending restraint, civil liberties. We are losing all these things at the present time. Each crisis, (such as the current one) leads to expansion of government and seldom any retraction once the crisis has ended.

By the way, the dog runs are closed now because of coronavirus. The authorities concluded that people using the runs were not abiding by the requirement of staying at least 6 feet apart. It is sad to not see the dogs there. Plus, the owners walk them and there is more poop in the pedestrian areas.

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