LPNY Appoints New At Large, Communications Personnel

Over the past couple of months, the Libertarian Party of New York has been bringing in new people to leadership positions and creating additional leadership positions. Two At Large positions opened up on the State Committee, following the resignations of Susan Overeem and Hesham El-Meligy. Kari Bittner was appointed to take Overeem’s spot in October and Steve Minogue was appointed to take El-Meligy’s spot in December.

Both Bittner and Minogue were very active in the Larry Sharpe campaign, and both have continued work to move the Libertarian Party of New York forward. Bittner was the Campaign Manager for the Sharpe campaign in the final month, and also worked on directing events and promoting the campaign on social media in the several months prior to that.

Minogue was the Central New York Regional Director for the Sharpe campaign, leading a very active team in petitioning and canvassing. “I want to thank the State Committee for appointing me to the position of At-Large Committee Member,” he said. “I plan to play an integral role in the upcoming 2019 and 2020 elections. Larry Sharpe gave us ballot access and it will be up to us, the members of the State Committee to ensure that we make the most of it.”

Communications Director Andrew Kolstee has also been working to expand the Communications Division, and made appointments at the December 2, 2018 State Committee meeting. Steve Minogue, in addition to his election as an At Large Member, was appointed Deputy Communications Director. Brian Waddell, LPNY Vice Chair, was appointed Press Secretary and Fred Cole, State Representative for the Capital District, was appointed Newsletter Editor. “I look forward to working with everyone as we expand upon communications and move our party forward,” said Kolstee.

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