Onondaga LP Chapter Endorses Candidates, Elects Officers

This article uses information and quotes from the chapter’s press release, which can be viewed at their website, onondagalibertarians.org.

The Onondaga County Libertarian Party held its annual convention on Sunday, April 8. The chapter endorsed Nicholas Paro for NYS Assembly District 127 and Jason Zeigler for Syracuse City Court Judge and elected a slate of officers for the 2018-2019 term.

Asked about receiving the OCLP nomination, Paro said, “It’s a privilege. Over 100,000 New Yorkers leave the state every year and they are leaving from places like Central New York. I want CNY to be a desirable place for people to live, work, and and raise a family again. It’s humbling to know that the OCLP shares that message.” On his endorsement, Zeigler said, “I am honored to have the support of the Onondaga County Libertarian Party for my campaign to become the next Syracuse City Court Judge.”

“We are very excited to field local candidates again in 2018.” said OCLP Chairman Shawn Hannon. “The Libertarian Party continues to grow in membership and influence across New York State.”

The OCLP also recommended Larry Sharpe for the Libertarian Party Governor nomination. “Larry Sharpe is the most refreshing NY political candidate in my lifetime,” said Hannon. “This is a very important year for the Libertarian Party in NY. The Gubernatorial election allows us to gain ballot access for the next four years. We really like our chances!”

Hannon was reelected OCLP chair, along with Will Martin reelected to Vice Chair, Michael Lathrop reelected to Treasurer, and Millie Dordal reelected to State Representative. Dordal was also elected Secretary of the chapter.

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