Alex Merced Announces Candidacy for LNC Vice Chair

Libertarian blogger and activist Alex Merced, the Libertarian Party of New York’s candidate for U.S. Senate in 2016, and New York City Comptroller in 2017, has announced his candidacy for Vice Chair of the Libertarian National Committee for 2018.

Announcing on his Facebook page, he introduced himself and discussed his campaign. “Hello, my name is Alex Merced and I am running to be the next Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party,” he said. “I am running to be a pro-active advocate for positive principled messaging, voter outreach, growing party membership, candidate training and helping give membership a greater voice in the LNC by providing a listening ear to independent caucus groups.”

Merced posted a video going into detail into his campaign.

Learn more about Alex Merced at his website and Facebook page.

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