Aaron Commey, Candidate for Mayor of New York City

The Libertarian Party of New York has issued a statement in support of Aaron Commey, candidate for Mayor of New York City.

Aaron Commey spent nearly 15 years in Federal Prison without ever being convicted of a crime

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – Aaron Commey witnessed firsthand not how the criminal justice system is intended to work, but how it actually operates. He is intimately acquainted with the flaws of our criminal justice system and brings that experience to finding solutions to begin removing and repairing the system’s many failings.

Since his release, Commey has devoted time to political activism and is now the Libertarian Party’s candidate for Mayor of New York City, running on a platform of criminal justice reform, improving the educational system, and bringing about awareness to mental health issues.

Recently, the New York Post ran an article about the time Commey attempted to hijack an airplane 17 years ago. Commey has been open and up front about his past and has shared his story and turned his life around, using his experience to become an activist.

“In July of 2000 while suffering from a delusional disorder,” said Commey, “I attempted to hijack an airplane from New York’s JFK airport. I was arrested and subsequently found not guilty by reason of insanity of all charges in September 2003.”

Commey has learned and has accepted treatment to become a better person. He wishes to be a voice and advocate for those who also suffer. He saw the platform of running for office as a way to bring light to hard situations and bad policies.

Should his past disqualify him or does it give him an extraordinary level of understanding? No one is condoning his actions, not even Commey has down that. He has owned up to his past. There are millions of Americans who suffer from mental illness that are silently waging those battles.

Either way, Commey has served his sentence. He lives with the actions and he wishes to help others. His actions were public. They created victims, and for that he was punished. His past actions shouldn’t automatically negate his future. Judge him if you will, but do not dismiss him. Listen to the man before you now and not the one you didn’t know back then.

Commey acknowledges his past, paid his debt to society, and has chosen to become an activist to help make the world a better place. “I have been active in supporting marches and rallies for criminal justice reform, ending police brutality, and marijuana legalization,” said Commey. “I am currently running for Mayor to shed a greater light on issues affecting New Yorkers such as education, criminal justice reform, and mental health policy.”

LPNY Chair Mark Glogowski said “Aaron has been active in the LPNY since December of 2015. He is an intelligent and compassionate man. I am proud to lend my support to his campaign.”

The Libertarian Party is the party of equal rights, even for those who want a second chance. Everyone, regardless of their circumstances, deserves their rights. Libertarian National Committee Chair Nicholas Sarwark told Newsweek: “The Libertarian Party is the party of second chances. What he did was not good, but it is great that he’s able to turn his life around and help incarcerated individuals have a second chance at life.”

For information on Aaron Commey and his campaign, visit his website at www.votecommey.com and/or his Facebook page here.

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